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The following changes have been made:

2023-07-18: Kubernetes Part 2

[Added] Kubernetes Part 2

The following chapters have been added in Kubernetes Part 2. The chapter is not finished, yet.

  • Advanced Pod Settings
  • Pod Health
  • Container Probes
  • Livness Probe Exercise
  • Readiness and Startup Probes Exercise
  • Pod Restart Policy

2023-06-01: Changelog and Fixes

[Changed] Changelog

  • Moved the changelog to a separate page.

[Fixed] The Container Workflow

  • On page The Container Workflow: Fixes incorrect command which correctly must be docker image build -t <your-image> . instead of docker -t <your-image> ..


  • On page Namespaces: Fixed the command for creating a context using minikube.

2022-09-26: PostgreSQL 14.5

  • Updated PostgreSQL sections to PostgreSQL 14.5.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in the tutorial.

2022-03-09: Docker and Kubernetees Updates

  • Adjust information in Docker tutorial to include the fact that Kubernetes moved away from Docker
  • Add minikube instructions and remove a9s Paas instructions
  • Update Kubernetes objects to recent API versions
  • Correct spelling and grammar

2020-08-31: PostgreSQL Streaming Replication

  • Adds a PostgreSQL tutorial on how to build a simple, three node PostgreSQL Streaming Replication with Kubernetes StatefulSets.

2020-04-30: StatefulSet and Fixes

  • Adds generating a self-signed SSL Certificate to the Ingress lesson.
  • Adds a command on how to retrieve and decode a Secret's value for a given key.
  • Fixes some spelling mistakes.
  • Fixes namespaces inconsistencies to k8s-training.

2020-04-27: StatefulSet Chapters Renamed

  • Renamed Chapters from "PostgreSQL Exercise {n}" to more titles describing the content of the chapters in greater detail.

2020-04-23: StatefulSets

  • Added large parts of the StatefulSet section. Still incomplete.